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..The Ford "Model" Model A Assembly Line
Just click on a picture to get a 'close-up" view  

Back when I was living in Sacramento, California I got the idea of constructing a Model A Ford Assembly line using 1/25 scale models of the AMT/ERTL 1929 Model A Ford Roadster.

It wasn’t till I moved back to the farm near Walla Walla, Washington when I had some time one winter to do it. I then went to the books and got all the possible pictures of the real thing and then proceeded to construct the line itself.

The first 4 feet is a double story building.  On the top floor I have the bodies coming down the line, all in different production stages.  On the bottom floor I have the chassis coming down the line, all in different production stages. 

The second 4 feet of the line is a single line showing the body drop and the car continuing on in different stages of production until the end of the line. I used over 15 kits just to get to that point. The second floor of the last 4 feet is dedicated to a showroom.

The 1928-1929 vehicles represented in the showroom, which is the upper floor of the last building are as follows: Standard Roadster, Open Cab Pickup; Closed Cab Pickup; Station Wagon; Tudor Sedan; “A” Panel Delivery; and Deluxe Delivery.  Some vehicles which are still coming down the line and not yet finished are the Standard Coupe, Special Coupe, 1928 Sport Coupe, 1929 Sport Coupe, 1928 Business Coupe, 1929 Business Coupe, and a 1929 131-1/2” Platform Truck.

Where did I get all those models you ask?  Throughout the years, ever since I can remember, AMT then AMT/ERTL and REVELL issued 1/25 scale plastic model car kits of all sorts.  We have all seen them.  The Roadster is the most common and the detail in all of these kits is real nice.  Many of these kits, which they do not produce anymore, can be found through collectors today.  The Deluxe Delivery was made by converting the Tudor body into a Delivery body.  The “A” Panel Delivery was made from a Roadster kit but used a Diecast metal body for the main body of the Delivery.  Had to cut out the cowl section on both and replace the metal section with a plastic section to get that 28-29 effect.

The Coupe bodies are not being manufactured by AMT/ERTEL or REVELL so had to get them through a person who does plastic moldings of different body styles.  Then will be using the Roadster chassis, fenders, ect. to complete the cars.

The 1929 truck is a different story.  Found an AMT/ERTL Closed Cab Pickup model kit which I will use for the cab and front portion.  Found a 1929 truck of another source which the cab was not pleasing at all but the platform bed was and will use that to complete the truck.

The only bodies that are left for which I do not have are the Phaeton, Fordor Leather Back, Fordor Steel Back, Cabriolet, Taxi, Town Car, Town Sedan, Standard Fordor and 2/W Fordor for 1928-29.

I know that there are 1930-31 kits out there also.

Hope you enjoy.  


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