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..Index - The Parts and Articles on Originality Project
This information is a comprehensive index of the Model A Restorers Club’s (MARC) Model “A” News; the Model A Ford Club of America’s (MAFCA) The Restorer; and the Ford Model AA Truck Club’s (FMAATC) The Double A’er, and The Model A Times

It includes articles and the how’s and why on the restoration, different ideas and thoughts, and original aspects of the Model A/AA Ford Cars and Trucks.  I do not believe that this has ever been attempted and therefore I present this to you for your reference.  Not all articles are included here. 

Articles of personal stories, Era Fashions, outings, club news, National and Regional Meets, etc., were omitted.  If you happen to notice that I left something out that should be included in this index, or if there is a typing error, please be so kind as to inform me so I may update the index to benefit the rest.


The format is designed after the Ford Parts Price List and Body Parts List which were produced by Ford throughout the Model A years of 1928 through 1931.  It also includes a section on the different types of cars and trucks which were produced by Ford and where you will find them in the literature. 

Not all articles or pictures are listed.   Just those which provide a good look at a car or truck that provide us with originality and a view of specific items on the vehicle.  Where an article provides us with a series of parts, such as Dr. Hans “Doc” Kalinka’s “On the Road/On the Hill” series, those “parts” are listed in their specific spot within the index.

Where there was an article on a specific car or truck showing more than one specific part, those parts were not categorized in the Parts Price List or Body Parts List index since they pertained to a certain type of vehicle for simplicity.  Also included are a few other items of interest pertaining to the Model A Ford.


Some of the articles, after they were written and published, were proceeded by UPDATED AND/OR CORRECTION LETTERS. These updates were published in later magazines and referenced the written and published article.

Hopefully, I have included all the UPDATED AND/OR CORRECTION LETTERS that were published pertaining to a particular article.  Always double check about 3-4 issues following the publication date of an article for these “updated and/or correction letters” about the article.  It may save you time, money and in some cases, a grieving headache!

This index not only gives us an idea of just how many items have been researched and written on a subject, but it also tells us just where we are lacking in restoration information for future articles.

I thought very hard about including the year after each part.  I decided not to do so at this time (at a later date) because contained within some of the articles, not all however, told of some of the differences.  One may go to the MARC/MAFCA JUDGING STANDARDS to be informed on the different known styles of a particular part that were produced and when it was made available during the production period.

Unfortunately not everyone will be blessed to have every issue of Model “A” News, The Restorer, The Double A’er, and/or Model A Times, but at least you will have a resource as to where to find whatever it is you are looking for.

If you have a suggestion, or would like to see something added to this index list, or if something is out of place, please let me know.

To continue your search for other articles not included in this index, you may go to the published indexes of the Model “A” News and “The Restorer”.

Thank you.

Steve C. Plucker

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  Parts and Articles on Originality
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