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..The 40 Horse Block - Evolution of the A-6015
Have you ever discovered an engine or cylinder block where the engine serial number was either re-stamped or marked out so as not to reveal the original number? 

Have you ever noticed the changes that were made in comparing cylinder blocks of different years?  Those of us who have been involved in this hobby most certainly have at one time or the other.  I wonder how many of us have asked ourselves just when did this particular engine get its original stamp, what was the original serial number, when did the change take place?

The Ford Motor Company completed the first of 4,830,806 production engines (October, 1927 through November, 1931) on October 20, 1927.  Over the next four years, the Model A and AA engine cylinder block, Ford Motor Company part number A-6010, went through a series of external and internal changes. My research is presented here in PDF format for you to view and use. Please contact me if you find other information that would be of interest to my readers and useful to my research.

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.Available For Viewing - Evolution Of The 40hp Block
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